Fake Danish butter cookies?

fake dansih cookies – Danish butter cookies in Royal Dansk blue tin have been so popular as seasonal gifts for Christmas and New Year. Crispy, delicious and full-of-butter-taste, they are especially enjoyed in teatime and as snacks. In Denmark, the cookies are traditionally served, along with rice pudding as desserts at Christmas, in various shapes and various names (yes they have their own names!) including finsk brød (Finnish bread), vanille kranse (vanilla wreaths), kringle (Danish pretzels), kanelkager (cinnamon cakes). Interesting enough for those little bite-sized cookies?

fake dansih cookies  – It also turns out, surprisingly, that making traditional Danish butter cookies is nothing difficult since normally Danish butter cookies are made from butter (the very famous Lurpak butter of Danes), flour and sugar. These simple ingredients of the finest quality are mixed together into soft and sticky dough before being shaped with the help of piping bag. I even prefer these home-made cookies as they’re as delicious as the mass-production ones while giving my kitchen the seasonal atmosphere that we feel every time the Christmas and New Year are approaching.


Yield: 25 – 30 cookies depending on size


113 gram unsalted butter – very soft but not melted
1 egg white (30 – 33 gram) – at room temperature
65 gram icing sugar
4 ml (3/4 tsp) vanilla extract
155 gram all-purpose flour
* Notes:

1. It’s recommended to use butter. But feel free to substitute by vegetable butter or margarine if you prefer. Since the quality of butter will define the taste of cookies, you should use the best one at hands.
2. Measure the egg white carefully. Too much egg white (more than 35 gram) will result in firm and hard cookies.
3. Don’t substitute icing sugar by granulated sugar because it may not dissolve completely in the dough, thus resulting in dough that is too wet or cookies with a lot of tiny holes on the surface.
4. If vanilla extract is not available, vanilla bean can be used. Split the vanilla bean down its length and scrape the seeds to use. Don’t use artificial vanilla flavour since the cookies may have bitter taste.
5. Use all-purpose flour (10.5% – 11% protein). Bread flour with higher protein content will give hard and dry cookies while flour with lower protein content (cake flour) will make the cookies a bit too crumbly.

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